videnda (noun): "what is to be observed"; the things that should be seen or visited, especially if they mark the character of a person or place.


Hello, my name is Caitlin Rowe.

I grew up in the charming and quiet city of Victoria, and have spent my years since in Ottawa and now Vancouver. 

I consider myself a restless wanderer, with a homebody soul.

I live to travel, to explore new places and meet new people, to try new food and smell new scents. But deep down, I also love to curl up at home with a great book, my husband, and a pair of purring cats. I am made up of opposites, two opposing states within one being.

I believe that travel and tourism is full of such opposing states. A well-told story and carefully chosen photograph can bring these opposing ideas together in order to inspire, educate, and foster sustainable growth in many forms. 

I use photography, writing, and social media to tell stories for small businesses, ethical brands, destinations, non-profit organizations, and more. Finding a way to demonstrate the authentic spirit and goals of a client is both challenging and rewarding. When successful, it is possible to connect people across the globe and inspire positive, meaningful change.


"The thing about tourism is that the reality of a place is quite different from the mythology of it." 

Martin Parr