Hello + Welcome!

Hello, bonjour, hola, guten tag, salaam, konnichiwa, xin chao! 

It has taken far too long for this website/business idea to come together, but it's here and there's no turning back now. For years I have dreamed of working for myself, stretching my creative muscles on a daily basis, and helping others to tell their story in the digital sphere. I watched every day as countless people around me followed this same path, constantly watching them as I told myself to keep waiting. 

What was I waiting for?

Turns out, I was waiting for permission. Permission to create, to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to be a professional, to share my passion, to take up space. Permission to be me.

Well, today marks the day that I decided to stop waiting and to start going after the things I dream about and live the life that I have always wanted. Travel is in my blood and sharing stories about how travel can be a force for positivity and hope - this is what I have wanted for so long. 

Welcome to videnda.ca and I look forward to sharing my travel philosophy with you.